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I love your color, coffee! Your color, your fragrance, your wealth ...

Colour, aroma, richness… our criteria here at chic-café are as demanding as yours. Our greatest concern is to provide you with the coffee that is best suited to your taste, brewed in a coffeemaker adapted to your needs.

Whether your company is large or small, chic-café can offer your work environment the tastiest of coffees. Our choice of prime quality coffees is vast and varied; our line of related products is complete and our service is above reproach. Make your life easier by getting everything you need from the same place; that's what chic-café has to offer.

We carry all types of coffeemakers: silex, thermos, countertop or full-scale cup-by-cup machines. We can help you decide which type of equipment is best suited for your company, as well as the type of service you would like us to provide.

Healthy treats, snacks, pure juices or cold drinks, chic-café offers various types of vending machines with a wide selection of products.

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Chic cafe offers:

  • Large selection of coffees
  • Coffeemakers adapted to the size of your company
  • Courteous, professional service
  • Fast delivery
  • Snack vending machine
  • Cold drink vending machine


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